Thomas Udesen

Chief Procurement Officer, Bayer
Thomas leads Bayer’s dynamic Procurement team that aims to be next-in-class in business partnering, category management, innovation and digital processes.

For Thomas and his Leadership Team, success of Procurement is manifested in value-adding contributions that enable sustainable growth of Bayer. As such, value is not limited to financials, but includes crucial business levers like innovation and business modeling. Moreover, Procurement safeguards the reputation of Bayer by unconditional adherence to the principles of sustainability, with proactive risk management, and by ensuring compliance.

Thomas is the Co-Founder of The Sustainable Procurement Pledge as he is a firm believer that our prime responsibility is to leave our home, our ONE planet, in the same condition as it was entrusted us. Procurement is mission critical to ensure Sustainable Supply Chains so let’s make sure that we, and Procurement, leave the right legacy.