Women’s Integrated Sexual Health programme (WISH)

Department for International Development

Complications from pregnancy and childbirth in Africa are a leading cause of death among 15-19-year olds. The Department for International Development (DFID) launched a programme to help women avoid unintended pregnancies, prevent unsafe abortions and maternal deaths, and provide family planning services for nearly 50 million people in 27 countries. Using innovative commercial design and a ground-breaking procurement approach, DFID was able to weight countries by greatest need and incentivise suppliers to focus on hard-to-reach populations for the first time. A key issue was Couple Years of Protection (CYP), the number of couples protected. Bidders proposed the number of results per country for designated outputs and allocated a percentage of financial risk to delivery of those numbers. Both bidders proposed 100% of fees to be retained until the proposed targets were met or exceeded. Analysis showed 20.44 million CYPs could be delivered for the budget. Through the competition, DFID was able to drive greater value, with the winning suppliers proposing to deliver 24.48 million CYPs – an additional four million couples who will receive life-saving protection, representing efficiency savings of over £47 million.

Judges’ comments: "First class example of a structured and well implemented procurement process being applied to a complicated and challenging aid problem. Innovative and insightful, leading to best practice now being shared among other government agencies. Role modelling how UK aid is well spent – procurement at its best. Excellent."