Procuring the leading sustainable facilities management service in the UK

Procuring the leading sustainable facilities management service in the UK, WWF UK
In 2018, environmental charity WWF UK wanted to accelerate its impact through more diverse partnerships. The end of the incumbent facilities management contract presented an opportunity to help deliver this ambition through a new contract to manage the flagship UK headquarters. The aim was to embed ethical criteria at every stage of the procurement process. As the contract was just £370,000 per year, the team recognised the process would need to excite businesses with a similar ethical focus. It entered into a non-financial collaboration with Sustainable Facilities Management Index to deploy measurable sustainability enhancements to every stage of the process. To embed the 30 plus ethical requirements, WWF and successful bidder Engie produced a corporate responsibility plan to track progress. In just a few months a wide range of benefits were delivered, from the removal of 4,500 single use plastic bottles per year in cleaning through to the payment of the Real Living Wage. On top of that, a year one saving of £20,400 (circa 7.5% reduction of fixed charges) was delivered.

Judges’ comments: "The WWF UK team has been able to select and drive significant environmental and social impact. Well managed, a good honest approach with real benefits. Sometimes ethical procurement is just embedded in an organisation’s DNA and this is a great example."