Passport 2 Procure


IT services and solutions provider Fujitsu wanted to upskill its procurement function to address shortfalls in training across the world. Working collaboratively with HR and learning and development, it developed Passport 2 Procure – a comprehensive, structured training programme that could be delivered anytime, anywhere. When procurement staff complete their allocated training, they are rewarded with a pin badge, certificate and personal emails from the international chief procurement officer. Passport 2 Procure has delivered some 3,000 learning events across eight competencies and 28 topics, benefiting 120 employees across 20 countries and two continents. The latest phase, Expert, adds new areas including diversity and inclusion, cultural awareness and import/export. Procurement staff now also have the opportunity to study with the International Association for Contract and Commercial Management to gain an external qualification. The scheme has enabled Fujitsu to deliver 70 courses for less than €300 per person per annum, cost effectively up-skilling employees by using web-based training methods and utilising internal expertise.

Judges’ comments: "A really impressive programme to educate, evaluate, upskill, create career paths and improve engagement of the global procurement team. Well structured, well managed and well perceived. A great story."