mySupplierRisk - an engaging programme of work

Astellas Pharma Europe

Pharmaceutical organisation Astellas employs some 17,000 people, with EMEA being highly fragmented across 40 countries. It is increasingly reliant on third parties, bringing significant risk in a highly regulated market. To move away from an ad hoc system of risk mitigation, it created “mySupplierRisk”, a third- party lifecycle management programme to identify risks while embedding a sustainable EMEA-wide approach. Phase one delivery was “time-boxed” to deliver four priority risk domains in the UK by June 2018. MySupplierRisk was designed to be as simple as possible with few intuitive touchpoints. Most important was the level of automation – at every stage of the process Astellas looked to second guess the outcome of individual question/answer sets. Through moving to mySupplierRisk, Astellas has gained business owner accountability at a single touch point, a complete Source to Pay process that encompasses risk mitigation, and transparency and full auditability. Moreover, the programme has addressed nine risk domains across 23 affiliates in nine languages – in just 10 months.

Judges’ comments: I"n this expansive project, Astellas ensured all bases were covered in managing supplier risk, as well as creating an ongoing focus on this in the company via the “mySupplierRisk” brand. They kept it simple to generate user adoption and commitment. Good to see 29% of the team was female too."