Dyson Fighting Fraud. Driving Revenue.

Dyson is unique. Authentic. Different. Pioneering. 

Ambition: ‘Double-Dyson’ to £10bn by 2025, Online sales from 10% to 50% total revenue. 

Fraud is the biggest crime in the World, Dyson a high value target. Increased spend Online, increases the threat. Our Fraud risk-exposure £350m. Significantly impacting profitability.

To protect Dyson requires sophisticated transactional data-screening. This detects genuine fraudsters, however, can reject legitimate good customers, losing revenue and reputation.

An innovative Global sourcing project has been implemented, solving complex Market problems using industry-leading technology.

Customer experience improved. Approvals guaranteed. Customer declines reduced. Genuine fraud detected.

Fighting the Fraudsters. Increasing P&L revenue £244m.